Run your own MuVChat

To run MuVChat yourself, you need a Windows PC with a DVD drive and the MuVChat software.
  • The MuVChat installation software is available here: muvchat.msi
Download the software and install it on a Windows PC.

** NOTE - MuVChat requires Microsoft .net v4.0 (or above).  If you do not have this, you can download and install it from here (opens new window)**

To run a demonstration of MuVChat, use 'demo' for the Event Keyword and 'mode' for the MuVChat Key when prompted.

MuVChat  version notes
ver 1.6.5
ver 1.6.4
  • Save most configuration tab settings from one session to the next
  • Bug fix when running on XP - removed option to automatically set Extend Desktop
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
ver 1.6.3
  • Before MuVChat starts, prompt you to switch to Extend Desktop
  • On startup, the most current message filter file is retreived from server if not found
  • Option to manually retreive the most current message filter file from server
  • Enable Msg Monitoring before clicking Show Player button
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
ver 1.6.2 - minor bug fix release
  • Fixed additional bugs that could occur when running as user differnet than the installation user.
  • Remove filters from installation package and retreive from server at startup if the filter file is missing
  • Added additoinal helpful hint messaging (eg about Extended desktop mode, ALT+TAB use, etc.)
  • Added EULA to installation package
  • Changed to RESTful API for authentication

ver 1.6.1 - minor bug fix release
  • Fixed bug that crashed MuVChat if you modified the message filters after video playing had commenced.
  • Added Spanish curse words to the default message filters.
  • Improved error messaging for diagnosing communication, server, and version issues.