Short FAQ for MuVChat

What is MuVChat?

Come to a special showing of a movie.  Text your comments to the MuVChat number. Comments are displayed on the screen along with the movie.  It's a blast!

Do you use Twitter?
Nope.  Nothing to sign up for beforehand.  Come to the movie, bring your phone, and you'll get the special number at the show.

Where can I see a MuVChat?
Check the calendar on the home page. MuVChats are  happening at different locations around the country.  If you want to bring MuVChat to your campus, library, theater, or event, contact us.

How can I show the video on a projector and the control panel on the computer's monitor?
Before starting MuVChat, use Windows "extend desktop" option.  This link from Microsoft provides the information for doing this.

How much does MuVChat cost?
Contact us.and we can talk (it's economical)

Why doesn't the movie start after clicking Play in MuVChat?
Some DVDs won't automatically start the movie. They show trailers or display the DVD menu.  If this happens, you'll need to use your mouse to click the Play option on the actual video menu.