MuVChat can be used in a number of ways to create engaging entertainment events
Teen event at a library
MuVChat makes a great draw for a movie event at your local library.  Read a review from a library that knows how to do it right
MuVChat Movie Host a special showing of a movie and the audience provides the snarky comments via their text messages.  Think of MST3K but crowd sourced from the audience.
Celebrity MuVChat MuVChat provides the ability to play a script of comments in synch with the movie.  Engage a local comedian or star from the movie to create the script and let the audience interact along with the celebrity comments.
MuVChat Panel Include a panel of celebrities  comprised of stars from the movie and local talent to answer questions during the movie that are posted via the audience's text messages.
MuVChat After Party During a MuVChat the audience members identify themselves onscreen with a nickname.  After the movie invite the audience to your lobby or local restaurant or bar for a mix and mingle - be sure to provide name tags so the audience can tag themselves with their nickname.
MuVChat Fund Raising Turn any of the above into a fund raising event.  Partner with a local organization or non-profit to raise money for a cause you believe in.  MuVChat is a great, unique, and new fund raising opportunity.
Sponsored MuVChat Partner with a local business to sponsor a MuVChat - it's a win/win - great, inexpensive marketing for the local business and a way to offset movie licensing costs.
Comments from prior MuVChat events
  • “I totally just watched all of Batman & Robin in a movie theatre.  Seriously.  It was amazing."
  • "I was like awesome, I just went at it….I texted 39 times throughout the movie.”
  • "I liked the idea of being able to be interactive with the movie."
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